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Ruth K. from Illinois said,

"All the ladies at church thought my cane was gorgeous and asked me where did I get it?  I told them,!"  I have two Glamour Canes now; one with clear crystals and a Mother's Cane.  I never thought I'd say this, but I wish I could have one to match every outfit.  Next, I'm getting a red one."
Glenna U.from Indiana said,

"I can't take my eyes off of this cane!  It is so beautiful, it looks just like diamonds! People stare at it everywhere I go and ask me questions about it, I feel like a queen when I carry it!"
© 2011 The Glamour Canes Story

I had just moved into a new house in April, 2005 and the electronic geeks were setting up my tv's and surround sound.  My daughter had her eye on the stereo equipment for awhile and since I no longer needed it, I finally agreed to bring it to her house.  I loaded the heavy components into the back of my car without incident, but when I opened the hatch to unload, quicker than you can blink, that enormous sub-woofer fell out of my car, directly onto my big toe.

I don't remember feeling pain like that before.  I couldn't catch my breath and felt light-headed.  A visit to the doctor and X-Rays confirmed, my toe was broken.  Shattered, he said, into about 100 pieces.  "Go to the medical supply store and buy yourself a cane", he told me.  "You won't be able to walk without one for the next six or eight weeks."

Off I went to the medical supply store, and literally hopped into the store to buy my new cane.  "Here they are", the man said, pointing to a row of aluminum, gray canes.  "That's it?"  I asked, disappointed.  "It's what everybody uses," he told me, and proceeded to show me how it was adjustable to my height and how to walk with it.  I paid for my new gray cane and hobbled to my car.

Driving home, I kept glancing over at the homely gray thing lying on the front seat.  To me, it had a neon sign over it blinking "O L D  - O L D  -  O L D". 
I wasn't ready for this, I was only 54!  Well, I'm not going to use that thing, I decided, and drove immediately to the craft store.  I bought a huge bag of clear plastic rhinestones and some hot-glue sticks, and when I got home, I began gluing. HUNDREDS of cheap plastic rhinestones, a few hot-glue burns and many hours later, I had an acceptably blinged-out cane, covered from top to bottom that, I thought, far better suited my personality.  And, I reasoned, the clear stones are my birthstone, for April.  Why not?

For the next six weeks, everyone who saw my rhinestone-covered cane commented on what a clever idea it was.  They commented on how it sparkled in the sunlight and touched it.  Over and over I heard, "how pretty!" and "what a great idea".  I began to think, there are lots of other women who hate these ugly canes and would appreciate a statement cane; something to match THEM, their own personalities, instead of making them feel like an invalid who just escaped from a nursing home.  I found nothing else like it on the market and decided, anyone who must use a cane should not have to use an ugly one.

And here we are, six years later:  My toe is good as new, with our beautiful Glamour Canes decked out in genuine Swarovski® Austrian crystals and no more hot-glue!  Be sure and take a look at our Photo Gallery to see our new designs using Swarovski® Crystal Mesh and the affordable Rhinestone Glamour Canes using alternative rhinestone treatments. Our design patent has been issued with the US Patent Office April 9, 2013 after two long years in application YAY!  We hope you enjoy browsing our site and that among the many options you see here, you'll find your glamour!

Rhonda @ Glamour Canes
Cynthia from Salt Lake City wrote,

"What a surprise! .....
I recently had a hip replacement & was required to use an ugly cup cane/crutch. With season tickets to the Ballet here in Utah I thought "I can never go to the ballet with this ugly thing". I selected the traditional handle with Aurore Boreale crystals & received it super fast & was able to attend the Ballet without that ugly thing that I had before.

Well, let me tell you, the Glamour Cane was the hit of the evening! I received compliments on your Glamour Cane the entire evening! I just may continue using it even after my recovery from the hip replacement!!
Thanks for your creativity, I'm a happy "caner"!

We know many people whose Glamour Canes have clattered down flights of stairs, been caught in the safety bars in amusement park rides and slid down icy driveways with no damage to the crystals. However, Swarovski crystals are made from -crystal - which is, at its most basic, a glass product. We must tell you that if you drop your cane or allow your cane to strike a hard surface, crystals may be dislodged or broken.  We use a very strong adhesive that should last for many years, but Glamour Canes cannot offer a warranty for the crystal treatment as the life of the crystals depends upon the care of the cane by the owner.
By purchasing a cane or other item from GlamourCanes, you understand and agree that GlamourCanes offers no warranty or guarantee whatsoever, and no claim or promise is made that a Glamour Cane or other item sold by GlamourCanes will increase your mobility.  We add the crystals for glitz and fun and any warranty from the manufacturer may be voided.  Weight limits are listed per manufacturer recommendations.  

GlamourCanes purchases canes and other equipment from reputable wholesalers and we add the crystals. No warranty is stated or implied and no returns are accepted as each cane is custom made per your direction.

Clean the crystals with an alcohol swab, do not use harsh cleansers or immerse in water. Do not use SuperGlue to reattach dislodged crystals.

Each cane will be shipped with a few extra crystals. Kindly take extra care with your new cane and treat it like the lovely jeweled accessory it is so that you will enjoy it for many years. 
 Pictures on our site represent prices stated with available options. Complex designs and custom orders not shown may require more time to complete and result in increased labor costs.  Please request a quote prior to ordering.
In 1835, President Andrew Jackson thwarted a would-be assassin by beating him with his cane until the attacker dropped his pistol. Glamour Canes believes an attacker should never mess with the owner of a Glamour Cane.  Propriety is out the window if you are threatened or someone attacks you. Go ahead and beat the thug senseless with your Glamour Cane until they give up or run away, and don't worry about losing crystals or damaging your jeweled cane.   Glamour Canes will waive the repair fee if your jeweled cane is damaged while fighting off terrorists or attackers.
Send us the story from your local newspaper for our website and we will be honored to repair or replace your Glamour Cane FREE!
Please note:  Glamour Canes is not advocating wanton beatings of others with your cane, but we do believe in self protection.  Used as a tool to protect yourself, you are within your legal rights to take a swing at an attacker who threatens you or tries to grab your purse.  
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The same canes your doctor prescribes - We make them beautiful  with genuine  Swarovski® Austrian crystals OR sparkling glass rhinestones!
All Designs Represented on This Website Are Exclusive
To Glamour Canes and Protected By US Patent Laws.
Please respect our rights under the law.
Canes Embellished with Genuine Swarovski® Austrian crystals
Joyce C. from Georgia wrote,

"I used an ugly, gray aluminum cane for years before I had a knee replacement. Then I fell and will now have to have the other knee replaced. A friend of mine told me about Glamour Canes - they made me a custom Glamour Cane with Clear and Ruby crystals that honors the July birthdays of my identical twin and I, and shows how we are still very close. What a beautiful message created on my Glamour Cane! I take it everywhere I go, and now my twin sister wants one too. 

Thank you for my new Glamour Cane, it is absolutely beautiful!!"

© 2010 - 2015 Glamour Canes
         all rights reserved
find your glamour. . .
Swarovski Crystal Mesh is a very strong product and it is unlikely that you will damage your Glamour Cane if you take reasonable care.  Because the mesh is so secure, if your cane strikes a very hard object, you might crack a crystal but it is unlikely to dislodge. The glass rhinestones and rhinestone mesh we are using on our rhinestone canes should last for years as well with reasonable care.

If damage occurs, we recommend contacting us with a photo of the damage and we will advise if we can repair it. If we think we can repair it, we'll ask that you send the cane to us and we'll charge a small fee to repair it. Damaged canes will have to be sent to Glamour Canes at customer cost. We'll do our best to restore your Glamour Cane to it's former beauty. Dented or severely damaged canes cannot be repaired. 

Replacement rubber tips and handle grips as well as quad bases for the canes are available at medical supply stores.  Let us know if you can't find what you need, we'll try to help. 

Carlita B. from California wrote,

I have been complimented wherever I go with my Glamour Cane. Some think they are looking at diamonds on first glance.  I am continually approached by strangers wanting to know where did I get it?  With my references only, you will be filthy rich very soon if half of the people follow through and contact you. I am carrying your business card to let them know how to contact you. I am so proud of the beautiful mother's cane from Glamour Canes that my son chose for a lovely present.
Lynn H. from California wrote,

I was so happy to receive a beautiful Glamour Cane from my kids for my birthday!  The colors are beautiful and it's so sparkly and pretty I just love it!!! I never thought I would want something like this but now I understand - it makes me happy just to look at it. Thank you for my beautiful Glamour Cane!


"Ellie B." from EllieB Block Party Productions & Promotions with her Opera Folding Cane in Clear Swarovski crystals.
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