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We have sourced some glass rhinestones that are much more sparkly than the Czech stones we were using, as well as an alternative mesh product we can use in place of the much more expensive Swarovski® mesh. 

Glass rhinestones are an affordable alternative to Swarovski® Crystals.  While no rhinestones have the depth of color, crystal characteristics or expansive range of color choices of genuine Austrian Swarovski® crystals, they are less expensive while still being very sparkly.  We believe you will be pleased with the application of these new rhinestones as a quality, affordable alternative to the more costly stones.  

Labor costs remain the same regardless of which stones we use, and Opera and Ultimate treatments require the same amount of labor as the more costly stones.  While the Swarovski® mesh product saves labor costs, the cost of the product itself equals the labor cost; we've found that the best way to quote the cost is by the inch.  You decide how many inches of bling you'd like on your cane depending on your taste and budget.

Demure Treatment:  Basic Traditional Handle cane with 1" stones

Tuxedo Treatment:  You decide on 3, 4 or 5 inches of stones, set midway on the cane.

Opera Treatment: Begins at the base of the foam handle and ends at the first adjustment on Traditional canes or the second bend on Quads and Offset.

Ultimate Treatment:  Covered from top to bottom in rhinestones, all the way to the locking ring.

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        3" Tuxedo Treatment: $150
        4" Tuxedo Treatment: $200
        5" Tuxedo Treatment $250

Traditional Handle Opera Treatment: $350
Offset or Quad Opera Treatment: $650

Traditional Handle Ultimate Treatment $ 500
Offset or Quad UltimateTreatment: $900

​Choice of 3 Basic Colors. Premiums added for labor intensive designs and AB stones.  Other stones may be available by custom order.

All stones are square-set unless specified. We prefer the square set method because each individual stone is then clearly visible and stands on it's own merit, unlike the offset methods which tend to jumble the stones and is better suited for small stones and applications.  Square set is more labor intensive and requires more artistic concentration but the result is well worth the extra effort!

Some stones are available in plain colors as well as with the AB coating; the stones available in AB are shown with two stones per color.  Example:  Peridot plain color is on the left; Peridot AB is on the right in the "Peridot" box.
If you have a special cane you'd like us to bling for you, contact us and we'll be happy to provide a quote.
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